FINAL 2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Cinematography & Best Film Editing

This post was updated January 13th and these predictions are FINAL

Best Cinematography

The Predicted Nominees

Much like original score, this is a category that loves to nominate the same people over and over again. But this year, also much like original score, the usual suspects don’t appear to be in the race. Linus Sandgren is the likely winner for his dreamy work on La La Land. The entire film is framed and lit beautifully. Bradford Young is a great bet for his first (and long overdue) nom for Arrival. Can he threaten to win? James Laxton has picked up a bunch of critics awards for Moonlight. His work is a bit more understated than that of your usual Oscar nominee, but I’m sure the branch will recognize its greatness. Greig Fraser, another overdue DoP, has a couple of ponies this year. With Lion being a likely best picture nominee, it’s his best bet. I have Seamus McGarvey surprising for Nocturnal Animals. Even those who loathe the film have acknowledged his work and, frankly, a lot more people like the film than critics care/want to realize.

1) Linus Sandgren (La La Land)

2) Bradford Young (Arrival)

3) James Laxton (Moonlight)

4) Greig Fraser (Lion)

5) Seamus McGarvey (Nocturnal Animals)

On The Bubble

The great Rodrigo Preito is right there for Silence. People love the work, and most have him getting in. I just believe the film is in for an overall rude awakening on Oscar morning. Is Roger Deakins, a branch favorite, a real contender for the early-year Hail Caesar!? Also, I firmly believe Greig Fraser deserves two noms, one for Rogue One, but it’s unlikely.

6) Rodrigo Prieto (Silence)

7) Stephane Fontaine (Jackie)

8) Giles Nuttgens (Hell or High Water)

9) Roger Deakins (Hail, Caesar!)

10) Greig Fraser (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

Best Film Editing

The Predicted Nominees

Editing, always a critical category in regards to the best picture race, has seen the branch go against its own grain a bit the last couple years. Best picture frontrunners La La Land and Moonlight are locks here, with previous winner (for WhiplashTom Cross the frontrunner for his work on the former. John Gilbert (Hacksaw Ridge) and Blu Murray (Sully) both had incredibly tough jobs cutting together films heavily weighed by one half (Hacksaw its back, Sully its front) and making them work. Gilbert is a safer bet, but seeing as I have Sully sneaking into best picture, I can slot Murray in with some confidence. Maybe I’m crazy for going with Thelma Schoonmaker seeing as I have Silence missing best picture, but I believe the branch will recognize the difficult job she had. Being a legend also helps.

1) Tom Cross (La La Land)

2) Joe McMillon & Nat Sanders (Moonlight)

3) John Gilbert (Hacksaw Ridge)

4) Thelma Schoonmaker (Silence)

5) Blu Murray (Sully)

On The Bubble

Three of my best picture nominees just missing out here. Joe Walker is certainly deserving but I’m getting the feel the editing is something being overlooked with Arrival. Maybe the branch will rally behind him? Jake Roberts hasn’t popped up anywhere major yet for Hell or High Water but the work is good and as a likely best picture nominee it’d be foolish to rule him out. Jennifer Lame deserves credit for cutting down a film from the always overreaching Kenneth Lonergan, but its delicate scenes hide the art behind its editing. It’s a lock for best picture though, so she’s right there.

6) Joe Walker (Arrival)

7) Jake Roberts (Hell or High Water)

8) Jennifer Lame (Manchester by the Sea)





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