2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Cinematography & Best Film Editing

this post was updated January 11th (FINAL PREDICTIONS)

Below you’ll find my FINAL 2016 Oscar predictions for the categories of best Cinematography and Best Film Editing, two categories that often mirror the Best Picture race.

Best Cinematography

My FINAL Predicted Nominees…

It’s looked all year like we were in for another Chivo vs. Deakins showdown and while there are some other names to watch (John Seale for Mad Max, Robert Richardson for The Hateful Eight) it still appears that the top two are a cut above the rest in this branch.

1. Emmanuel Lubezki (The Revenant)

: Back with Inarritu, the man who’s won the last two years is on full display in The Revenant. Easy box to check off for voters.

2. Roger Deakins (Sicario)

12 noms, ZERO wins. That’s a fucking travesty. Sicario is amongst his best, and I think he can win it, finally.

3. John Seale (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Came out of retirement to shoot the film and the work is great. Not sure he can win with Deakins and Chivo in play but lock him in for a nom.

4. Janusz Kaminski (Bridge of Spies)

Has won for Spielberg films before and the work does stand out. BP player and the guild went for him.

5. Robert Richardson (The Hateful Eight)

Guild miss, maybe his film stock work isn’t as much of a homerun as folks thought. I think it should be, and I still think he squeezes in. Got in for Django Unchained and the work here is better.

RIGHT on the Bubble…

6. Matyas Erdely (Son of Saul)

Folks calling it the best of the year and work from foreign language films can sneak in here.

7. Edward Lachman (Carol)

Critics have been all over it and it’s shown up at some places. Can it get in without Carol getting in BP? It really is a great film to just look at.

8. Dariusz Wolski (The Martian)

Great 3D photography in a BP player but I wonder if folks will see it as repetitive, which would be unfair.

9. Maryse Alberti (Creed)

If Creed was a bigger overall factor, this would be a shoe-in. The work is great, best of the year even. Words are being spilled but that’s not enough.

10. Danny Cohen (Room)

Also has The Danish Girl, which is flashier, but I think this BP player is his best bet even though I personally am not a fan of the work.

Best Film Editing

My FINAL Predicted Nominees…

Birdman won BP last year without being nominated here. Don’t read into that, it’s an outlier. Historically, this is the category that coincides with the big prize most often.

1. Hank Corwin (The Big Short)

Corwin has come on strong late and the film certainly puts his work on display. If it’s winning BP, it’s probably winning here.

2. Tom McArdle (Spotlight)

Weird that the guild’s precursor went elsewhere, but Spotlight still looks like a frontrunner here.

3. Margaret Sixel & Jason Ballantine (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Cutting up an action film to move this flawlessly is no small feat. They HAVE to nominate this, no matter how they usually respond to such material.

4. Pietro Scalia (The Martian)

There’s been support, and a nom here would imply it’s an even bigger BP player than most think. I believe it is, so I’d lock it in.

5. Michael Kahn (Bridge of Spies)

Michael Kahn working on a Spielberg movie is always a good bet and Bridge of Spies looks like a BP lock.

RIGHT on the Bubble…

6. Joe Walker (Sicario)

The work is fantastic, and the film is coming on strong. Could this be a “lone editing” possibility?

7. Billy Fox (Straight Outta Compton)

BP player, and there’s been some support for this (guild went for it).

8. Stephen Mirrione (The Revenant)

Mirrione missed here for the BP-winning Birdman, though his newest collab with Inarritu is a more obvious editing achievement. BP player, but hard to tell what they think of it.

9. Maryann Brandon & Mary Jo Mackey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

The guild went for it. Is it a bigger factor than we think? Won’t sneak in BP without a nom here.

10. Elliot Graham (Steve Jobs)

The film has faded but this work has been cited. It’s deserving, but it’d probably need a surprise BP showing.

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