2015 NFL Mock Draft (2 rounds)

The 2015 NFL Draft kicks off Thursday with the first round at 7 PM ET. More so than any other professional sport, the NFL draft often has an immediate impact on the outlook of the league. I’m here to make my predictions for the first two rounds.

I’m no scout or expert but I follow football religiously and try to get as much info as possible from my own analysis or compilation of outside opinions this time of year. I actually did quite well last year, but then again, it’s a crapshoot.


#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Pick: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

A certain mainstream sports media outlet owned by the Walt Disney Corporation (the same one that still employs Ron Jaworski) spent much of the college football season creating a narrative that Marcus Mariota had become the favorite for the #1 pick. They compared him to Aaron Rodgers, they talked up his meaningless stat-lines, etc. The reality is, according to all reports from those in-tune with the league, this pick is still Jameis Winston, and has been for over a year.

Now that most of us have stopped worrying about an unfounded rape accusation and some crab legs, we’re all finally realizing that Winston is BY FAR the best QB in this class. He’s made NFL-throws in an NFL-offense for two years. He can put the ball anywhere. He reads defenses. He’s strong and moves well in the pocket. There’s really not much to complain about with Winston.

He threw 17 INT’s….so what??? A) LITERALLY half of those were 100% on his WR’s, and…B) If you’re basing pro prospects off their college stats, well, stop doing that.

Alternate Pick: None. I expect the Bucs to announce Jameis as the pick a few days before the draft.

#2 Tennessee Titans


The Pick: Leonard Williams, DT, USC

Marcus Mariota could easily go here. Either the Titans take him as their franchise QB or they trade down. But ultimately, I think the Titans will go with Williams, a guy who doesn’t necessarily fill a position of need but is widely-regarded as the best defensive player in the class.

Whether used inside in a 4-3 or in a JJ-Watt type role in a 3-4, Leonard Williams figures or be a dominant pass rusher and run stopper (who can also chase down ballcarriers). He’s just remarkably athletic for a 300-lb man and actually gets off the line quickly.

Alternate Pick: Marcus Mariota. The public seems to think Mariota is going to somebody here and I can see it.

#3 Jacksonville Jaguars


The Pick: Vic Beasley, Edge-Rusher, Clemson

I don’t think a WR is in play here given the Jags’ young talent at the position. If Leonard Williams does in fact go #2, this will likely come down to whichever edge-rusher Jacksonville prefers, and in a bit of a surprise, I’m going with Vic Beasley.

There are some concerns about Beasley’s frame (plays at about 245) but he more than makes up for it with his outrageous burst and underrated ability to bull-rush (he’s VERY strong, 35 reps @ 225). We’ve seen players similar to Beasley in terms of size and athletic numbers, such as Von Miller, dominate in the modern NFL. There are reasons to think Beasley will slip out of the top 5, but I think that’d be a major mistake by every team that passes on him.

Alternate Pick: Dante Fowler Jr. (Edge-Rusher, Florida). I suppose Fowler is the safer pick and is often-called the top pass-rusher in the draft.

#4 Oakland Raiders


The Pick: Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

Everyone and their mother is mocking Amari Cooper to the Raiders, and I also see it happening unless Leonard Williams falls here. The Raiders (for now) are rolling with Derek Carr at QB and they desperately need to get him somebody to throw to. Why not grab a multi-year college superstar and (in my opinion) the best WR in the draft?

I like Cooper more than Kevin White because I’ve seen Cooper get it done more consistently, and I feel that Cooper’s supposed athletic limitations are overblown (he runs a 4.4 forty, 33″ vertical, at 6′ 1″ and 215 lbs….that’s NFL level). Cooper is so quick and precise with his routes, while also possessing elite hands. He destroys press coverage, a rare trait amongst young WR’s. Cooper is explosive after the catch as well. There’s no reason to think Amari Cooper isn’t going to be a legit #1 WR in the NFL.

Alternate Pick: Kevin White (WR, West Virginia). White is bigger and more athletic than Cooper, maybe Oakland prefers him.

#5 St. Louis Rams (TRADE with the Redskins)


The Pick: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

Here is the only trade I’m predicting. If Mariota is still on the board here, the Redskins may get calls from the Rams and Browns trying to jump ahead of the Jets. Seeing as some top guys at the Redskins positions of need (OT and Pass Rush) will be available at the Rams spot (#10), it actually makes a lot of sense for the Redskins to move down and add another pick.

For the record, I’m not crazy about Mariota. I just haven’t ever seen him make NFL reads and throws. I’m not saying he can’t, we just haven’t seen it. But he’s generally considered a 1st-round caliber QB prospect, and I think the Rams trading Sam Bradford for Nick Foles was more about ridding themselves of Bradford than actually acquiring Foles as a franchise QB.

With all the talk about how Chip Kelly is going to trade up for Mariota, how hilarious would it be if the Rams did instead?

Alternate Pick: Dante Fowler Jr. If the Redskins do in fact pick here they’ll probably go edge-rusher and many consider Fowler to be a top 3 prospect overall.

#6 New York Jets


The Pick: Dante Fowler Jr, Edge-Rusher, Florida

If somebody jumps right in front of the Jets to take Mariota, we will all make jokes. But it may be for the better if you’re New York. The Jets have desperately needed help off the edge of their pass rush for years and grabbing Fowler here is a great value.

Fowler is a very fluid player who can play all over the place. He also projects as being very good against the run. He hasn’t developed any speed moves yet, but few elite rushers ever need to until they hit the pros. While he may lack the pure upside of Vic Beasley, Fowler could still very easily end up as an elite player.

Alternate Pick: Shane Ray (Edge-Rusher, Missouri). Perhaps the Jets prefer Ray, another uber-athletic pass-rusher.

#7 Chicago Bears


The Pick: Danny Shelton, NT, Washington

Many expect the Bears to go with Kevin White if he’s on the board, but I honestly think that NT is a bigger need for them than WR (I also believe Marquess Wilson is poised for a breakout year). Danny Shelton, all 340-lbs of him, is the best NT prospect in this class.

Shelton clogs up the middle and is nearly-impossible to move. He doesn’t bring much as a pass rusher, but that’s okay, because the space he eats is going to help free up others. While some of the other top defensive prospects are projects, Shelton will make whichever team drafts him better from day 1.

Alternate Pick: Kevin White (WR, Wes Virginia). Maybe Chicago is looking to add another WR, most would consider White a fine value at #7.

#8 Atlanta Falcons


The Pick: Randy Gregory, Edge-Rusher, Nebraska

It feels like the Falcons almost have to go pass rush here given the board and their needs. There are options. In this scenario, both Shane Ray and Alvin Dupree are available, but I believe Gregory is the best choice.

Gregory recently tested positive for marijuana and while I don’t really think that hurts his stock all that much, maybe his bad combine will. But he’s got great length and a quick first step. He uses his hands well. He’s more developed than most redshirt juniors in terms of stopping the run as well. Gregory could benefit from getting a little stronger, and that’s a relatively easy fix.

Alternate Pick: Alvin Dupree (Edge-Rusher, Kentucky). Dupree seems to be a more natural scheme fit for the Falcons than Gregory or Ray.

#9 New York Giants


The Pick: Brandon Scherff, OT/OG, Iowa

The Giants need serious help on their line or it won’t matter how many weapons Eli Manning has. Luckily for them, Brandon Scherff, possibly the best O-line prospect in this class, projects as a solid player at either RT or a Guard spot (positions of need).

Scherff is very strong and polished (he could probably get away with being an LT, but could be dominant somewhere else). His athleticism is underrated because, well, because he’s a white guy coming out of Iowa. Scherff is considered the safest O-line prospect in the draft because at the very worst you’re going to get a decent guard.

Alternate Pick: Andrus Peat (OT, Stanford). Peat may very well be the best tackle in the class and would certainly start for the Giants right away.

#10 Washington Redskins (TRADE with the Rams)


The Pick: Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford

There’s chance that Washington would take Peat at #5, so if they can move back and still get him at #10 while adding another pick later in the draft, that’s a great scenario for them.

Peat has the size (6′ 7″, probably plays at about 320) and athleticism to develop as a LT, and he’s a very good pass blocker. But for starters, at least, he figures to make a bigger impact as a mauler in the run game from the right side. Regardless, he’s a good tackle prospect.

Alternate Pick: Ereck Flowers (OT, Miami). Flowers is in play here whether it’s the Redskins or Rams picking.

#11 Minnesota Vikings


The Pick: Kevin White, WR, West Virginia

While CB is a more desperate need, Kevin White may be too good to pass up here if you’re the Vikings, even after trading for Mike Wallace. With Wallace as the deep threat and White as the big jump-ball guy, Teddy Bridgewater would all of a sudden have some weapons.

At 6′ 3″, 215, White can leap and out-muscle defenders for the ball. He’s got strong hands. He may lack the ability to burn you with his speed, but do people actually still think that’s a necessary trait in order to be a good NFL receiver?

Alternate Pick: Trae Waynes (CB, Michigan State). Waynes will likely be the first corner taken and this seems like a very realistic spot for him.

#12 Cleveland Browns



The Pick: Shane Ray, Edge-Rusher, Missouri

Ray insists his toe is fine, and I’m choosing to believe him. This pick may not be the headline-grabbing move we’ve come to expect from the Browns, but they’d be getting a solid player at a position of need for great value (some think Ray could go as high as #5).

Ray is an outstanding athlete in terms of straight-line speed, quickness, and strength. Right now, he’s a little bit overly-reliant on that athleticism (then again, what elite college pass-rusher isn’t?). Ray should also be a fine tackler in the run game. His ability to fit into any scheme helps him.

Alternate Pick: La’el Collins (OT, LSU). Browns could use some help on their line and Collins is a mauler.

#13 New Orleans Saints


The Pick: DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville

The Saints certainly could address their defense here (especially if Dupree is still on the board, like in this case) but I think a polished WR like Parker makes a lot of sense as a future Marques Colston replacement. He’s a nice addition given Brandin Cooks’ skill set.

Parker isn’t an elite athlete or route runner but he simply catches the football better than any WR in this class. His 6′ 3″ height and impressive wingspan make him a major threat in the red zone. He’s unanimously considered the #3 WR in the draft after Cooper and White.

Alternate Pick: Alvin Dupree. New Orleans needs another rusher and Dupree is a legit 1st-round talent who could get serious looks as high as #6.

#14 Miami Dolphins


The Pick: Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State

I don’t think Miami should reach for a WR here. If Parker falls, go for it, but they can likely get someone from the next tier in the 2nd round. Brent Grimes is the teams only good corner and the guys they signed in free agency don’t figure to make much impact.

Waynes has ideal size and length, proving himself as a lockdown bump-n-run corner in college. He’s also got great ball skills. Though he’ll need to get stronger to handle the specimens at WR in the NFL, it’s easy to see Waynes developing into a lockdown corner one day.

Alternate Pick: La’el Collins. Miami could take the LSU-lineman and move him to guard, where they need a lot of help as well.

#15 San Francisco 49ers


The Pick: Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

San Fran needs serious help at corner. And I think they may surprise some folks by taking Collins over the 3 or 4 corners generally ranked ahead of him.

Collins is a big and athletic corner who can run with receivers. Collins didn’t see the field as much as he would’ve liked to at LSU but he has perhaps the highest upside of any corner in this draft based on his body/athleticism. As the WR’s keep getting bigger, teams will look for that in CB’s as well.

Alternate Pick: Arik Armstead (DE, Oregon). Here’s a guy commonly being mocked the the 49ers and while it makes sense, I feel corner is the more urgent need.

#16 Houston Texans


The Pick: Arik Armstead, DE/DT, Oregon

Armstead is easily the top 3-4 end prospect in the class, and despite some of the Texans other needs (like O-line), adding him to their defensive front would help.

He’s about 6′ 7″ and ideally he’d play at around 310. Very strong with a killer spin move, Armstead has a lot of room to grow as a pass-rusher despite his relative lack of burst. Armstead will need to improve greatly to reach his ceiling but at the very worst you’re talking about a big and athletic guy who should help in the run game.

Alternate Pick: T.J. Clemmings (OT, Pittsburgh). If Houston does go O-line, the athletic Clemmings should be able to start at RT right away and possibly take over for Duane Brown on the left side down the road.

#17 San Diego Chargers


The Pick: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

The Chargers simply have to draft an RB who can run downhill, maybe not in the 1st, but somewhere. In this case, the top RB in the draft is available; and I think San Diego will pull the trigger.

Gurley runs hard and much lower than you’d expect from a 6′ 2″ guy. His sheer force combined with his balance and footwork makes him very tough to bring down. He reads blocks well, can catch passes, and is a plus-player in pass protection. No reason to think he isn’t going to be a great every-down back, the question is whether or not any RB is worth a 1st rounder anymore.

Gurley’s knee has checked out fine and according to reports NFL teams couldn’t care less about the autograph signing bullshit that saw him get suspended in college.

Alternate Pick: DJ Humphries (OT, Florida). Like many teams in the 2nd half of this round, San Diego could use a tackle or two. Humphries is an elite athlete albeit an oft-injured one.

#18 Kansas City Chiefs


The Pick: TJ Clemmings, OT, Pittsburgh

Clemmings is a very athletic and long tackle prospect who should be a fine starting LT if he improves his technique a bit. Some scouts say he’s the best pure LT prospect in the draft. If he’s ready to start from day 1, he could push draft-bust Eric Fisher to another spot on the line. Chiefs could use multiple lineman in this draft.

Note: It was JUST reported that Clemmings has a stress fracture in his right foot. He said he didn’t even notice. Not sure if this has a major impact on his stock.

Alternate Pick: Cameron Erving (C/OG/OT, Florida State). If the Chiefs want to start rebuilding their line from the interior Erving is a versatile player with a lot of upside.

#19 Cleveland Browns


The Pick: La’el Collins, OT, LSU

I have Cleveland grabbing an edge-rusher (Shane Ray) at #12 so a versatile lineman becomes the biggest need here, and Collins is exactly that. There’s talk of La’el moving to guard, but I think his footwork is fine. Regardless, he’s an NFL-ready run blocker with plus-athleticism that gives him a higher ceiling than others.

Alternate Pick: Malcolm Brown (DT, Texas). DT is another need for Cleveland and Malcolm Brown can function within any system.

#20 Philadelphia Eagles


The Pick: Alvin Dupree, Edge-Rusher, Kentucky

The Eagles need a ton of help in their defensive backfield but even after re-signing Brandon Graham they need another rusher, and if Dupree falls to #20, it’s great value (some think he could go as high as #6 to the Jets). He was a very productive college player who has NFL-ready size and moves. He’s a nice athlete who can chase down ballcarriers and even drop into coverage.

The main knock against Dupree is that he needs to get a lot stronger or else he may not be able to function as anything more than a 3rd-down specialist.

Alternate Pick: Byron Jones (CB, UCONN). Jones has the size NFL teams covet in CB’s and the Eagles could, obviously, use him.

#21 Cincinnati Bengals


The Pick: DJ Humphries, OT, Florida

Andre Smith and Andrew Whitworth are both impending free agents so the Bengals could certainly look at tackle here. Humphries is an incredible athlete who can actually afford to gain some weight without losing anything. He’ll need to improve in the run game to play right away but his upside is as high as any lineman in this draft.

Alternate Pick: Malcolm Brown. DT is also a position the Bengals would like to upgrade in the draft and Brown is a decent enough value here.

#22 Pittsburgh Steelers


The Pick: Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest

Given the plethora of late-1st/early-2nd talent at the CB position, the Steelers definitely take a CB, right?

Johnson is a very fluid corner with NFL-athleticism and plus ball skills. The only real complaints are that he bites on fakes too often and isn’t much in run support, but I think he can add 10 lbs without losing any quickness.

Alternate Pick: Marcus Peters (CB, Washington). Maybe the Steelers prefer the bigger but not-yet as skilled in coverage corner.

#23 Detroit Lions


The Pick: Malcolm Brown, DT, Texas

The Lions may have landed Haloti Ngata but they still need major help on the interior of their D-line unless they plan to take a huge step back defensively. Brown is very quick for somebody who plays at around 320 and has the first step/muscle combo to get it done in any scheme.

Alternate Pick: Ereck Flowers (OT, Miami). It wouldn’t hurt to get another tackle if you’re Detroit here, especially if Brown gets drafted by the Browns or Bengals.

#24 Arizona Cardinals


The Pick: Eli Harold, Edge-Rusher, Virginia

Harold is a borderline first round talent, but Arizona’s need for pass rush lands him here. Harold needs to get stronger and play lower, but he’s a great athlete with a good first step. But he really will have to get stronger if he wants to do more than just come at the QB on 3rd downs.

Alternate Pick: Marcus Peters. Corner is also a need for Arizona and Peters is a decent value pick here.

#25 Carolina Panthers


The Pick: Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami

The Panthers need multiple lineman; they have to go in that direction here. Some think Flowers could go as high as #12. He’s just so so so big and strong. He’ll struggle with elite athletes off the edge but has room to grow in that regard, and will probably be an RT anyway.

Alternate Pick: Cedric Ogbuehi (OT, Texas A&M). Coming of ACL surgery, but he’s a plus physical talent at the position.

#26 Baltimore Ravens


The Pick: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

Peters was dismissed from the team in November but many think he’s the best CB prospect in the draft. Very athletic in coverage, and he likes to hit people. WR is a need for the Ravens but CB is probably more dire.

Alternate Pick: Breshad Perriman (WR, UCF). If the Ravens do want to go WR they may consider the explosive but drop-heavy Perriman.

#27 Dallas Cowboys


The Pick: Landon Collins, SS, Alabama

The unanimous #1 safety in the draft would step right in and start for Dallas. Right now, Collins is much better at coming up and making tackles than dropping back in coverage, but he has all the athleticism required to develop.

Alternate Pick: Melvin Gordon (RB, Wisconsin). A common pick amongst mocks seeing as the Cowboys lost DeMarco Murray. If they want Gordon, it has to be here.

#28 Denver Broncos

download (1)

The Pick: Eddie Goldman, DT, Florida State

Denver could try to improve their blocking here but with Pot Roast gone they all of a sudden have a huge whole in the middle of their D-line. If they want Von Miller to be able to keep making plays in the run game, they need a space eater. Depending on what weight he plays at Goldman can function as that at multiple positions.

Alternate Pick: Jake Fisher (OT, Oregon). If they go O-line, Fisher’s versatility makes him a legit option.

#29 Indianapolis Colts


The Pick: Cameron Irving, C/OG/OT, Florida State

Here the Colts get a super-athletic lineman who has the talent to play anywhere on the line (though Irving will need to improve greatly to play tackle). Irving, who will probably be in play as high as Miami at #14, presents decent value here.

Alternate Pick: Benardick McKinney (LB, Miss. St). The Colts backers need help and while McKinney can certainly play in the middle for them, he’d be a reach in the 1st round.

#30 Green Bay Packers


The Pick: Byron Jones, CB, UCONN

You ask five different people who the best CB in this class is after Trae Waynes, and you may get five different answers, including Byron Jones. At 6′ 1″ with a 44″ vertical, Jones has the ability to fight receivers in the air. Jones missed the 2nd half of the season with a shoulder injury. Green Bay could use a couple of DB’s.

Alternate Pick: Eric Kendricks (LB, UCLA). The brother of Mychal would be a slight reach but he probably would step in and start right away for the Pack.

#31 New Orleans Saints


The Pick: Preston Smith, DE, Miss. State

After getting a WR at #12 the Saints draft Preston Smith, a guy who can play in different spots, often creating pressure up the middle. Not the athletic edge-rusher the team needs, but Smith should help right away.

Alternate Pick: Owamagbe Odighizuwa (Edge-Rusher, UCLA). Combine superstar, probably the last edge-rusher with a chance to go in 1st.

#32 New England Patriots


The Pick: Jordan Phillips, NT, Oklahoma

The Pats love to trade down and given all the WR’s that are in play in this case they may have options, but let’s say they hold the pick. Phillips is a freak athlete for a 6′ 5″, 330-lb dude. He plays up high right now and needs to work on his overall impact, but has ideal NT measurables.

Alternate Pick: Tre’ Jackson (OG, Florida State). NE needs to rebuild the interior of its line and Jackson, while a reach at this spot, is a high upside player.


2nd Round

#33 Tennessee Titans: Jaelen Strong (WR, Arizona State). Strong is a big receiver who is great at catching the football, a nice compliment to the quick Kendall Wright.

#34 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jake Fisher (OT, Oregon). The Bucs will need to help protect Jameis and Fisher’s versatility will have him starting somewhere right away.

#35 Oakland Raiders: Carl Davis (DT, Iowa). Davis is an athletic one-technique who would help free up the Raiders pass rushers.

#36 Jacksonville Jaguars: Melvin Gordon (RB, Wisconsin). Jacksonville will be thrilled if Gordon falls here. He’s a clear-cut top 2 RB in the draft and fills a dire need.

#37 New York Jets: Breshad Perriman (WR, UCF). The Jets could use an explosive player and Perriman is certainly that, he just needs to get a lot better in and out of his routes and with his hands.

#38 Washington Redskins: Lorenzo Mauldin (Edge-Rusher, Louisville). Still needs to hone his pass-rushing skills but he’s an intriguing all-around player that fills a need.

#39 Chicago Bears: Eric Kendricks (LB, UCLA). Here the Bears get maybe the best backer in the class, a versatile and proven player, at a good value. Can both tackle and cover.

#40 New York Giants: Ronald Darby (CB, Florida State). Darby could easily go in the 1st and the Giants could use another corner, seems like a decent fit.

#41 St. Louis Rams: Dorial Green-Beckham (WR, Missouri). Whether or not the Rams land Mariota, they’ll be looking for a big pass catcher here. DGB’s athletic upside is too much to pass up at 41.

#42 Atlanta Falcons: AJ Cann (OG, South Carolina). The Falcons get an NFL-ready albeit somewhat limited player who should be a decent starting LG right away.

#43 Cleveland Browns: Nelson Agholor (WR, USC). After improving their defense and O-line in the 1st, the Browns get a polished WR at good value here.

#44 New Orleans Saints: Maxx Williams (TE, Minnesota). Why not try and replace some of Jimmy Graham’s production with the best TE in the draft? Though, this would be another pass catcher for a team that needs serious defensive help.

#45 Minnesota Vikings: Donovan Smith (OT, Penn State). Smith has the size and athleticism to play either tackle spot but is a work in progress at this point.

#46 San Francisco 49ers: Benardick McKinney (LB, Miss. State). The 49ers begin to offset the losses of Patrick Willis and Chris Borland with this proven SEC linebacker.

#47 Miami Dolphins: Phillip Dorsett (WR, Miami). Dorsett is a burner and the Dolphins need a couple of explosive players offensively.

#48 San Diego Chargers: Cedric Ogbuehi (OT, Texas A&M). A ton of upside to be a starting-caliber LT but there are injury issues.

#49 Kansas City Chiefs: Stephone Anthony (LB, Clemson). Chiefs need another backer to place next to, and eventually replace, Derrick Johnson.

#50 Buffalo Bills: Daryl Williams (OT, Oklahoma). Had a bad Senior Bowl where he constantly got beat by speed rushers but projects as a starting-caliber RT or even guard.

#51 Houston Texans: Devin Smith (WR, Ohio State). A deep-threat who should be able to develop into more than just that, will help open up this offense.

#52 Philadelphia Eagles: Tre’ Jackson (OG, Florida State). Jackson is a mauler and should help this offense open up holes.

#53 Cincinnati Bengals: Grady Jarrett (DT, Clemson). Not big but very explosive and strong. Should help bring pressure right away. #DraftTwitter loves him.

#54 Detroit Lions: Duke Johnson (RB, Miami). A skilled and explosive player who should be a major upgrade over Reggie Bush in a similar role.

#55 Arizona Cardinals: Eric Rowe (CB, Utah). This big corner could slide into the late 1st so Arizona would be happy to take him here.

#56 Pittsburgh Steelers: Danielle Hunter (Edge-Rusher, LSU). Hunter can get pushed around but has the length and athleticism to be a terror off the edge.

#57 Carolina Panthers: Damarious Randall (FS, Arizona State). Carolina needs DB help and while he’s not much of a tackler Randall is a fluid athlete who can cover WR’s or TE’s.

#58 Baltimore Ravens: Sammie Coats (WR, Auburn). Coats is very raw at the moment but his explosive athleticism and frame make him intriguing.

#59 Denver Broncos: Paul Dawson (LB, TCU). Dawson is small and he may not be a perfect fit on the surface (also had a bad combine), but I really like him here for his ability to cover.

#60 Dallas Cowboys: Shaq Thompson (LB, Washington). Thompson is another small but fluid LB. Special-teams/sub package all-star, I’m guessing.

#61 Indianapolis Colts: Nate Orchard (Edge-Rusher, Utah). Has the burst to get off the edge easily but gets pushed around a lot.

#62 Green Bay Packers: Clive Walford (TE, Miami). Here the Packers get the skilled receiving TE they desperately need.

#63 Seattle Seahawks: Owamagbe Odighizuwa (Edge-Rusher, UCLA). Owa has some injury concerns and needs to improve in a lot of areas but his size/athleticism combo makes him an interesting option at end in this scheme.

#64 New England Patriots: Laken Tomlinson (OG, Duke). A solid guard who probably starts right away for the Pats.

Until Thursday!

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